Original  Graphics

Original graphics: lithographs,etchings, silkscreen. All made by the artist. For view more graphics please go to "mixed collection" and please visit our gallery for further collection.


Click on the paintings for details.

No: 1, size silkscreen 66x50 cm.  SEK 3500  

Arimis Ney
No: 2, size litogr. 60x80 cm.  SEK 1200  

CG Karlsson
No: 3, size silkscreen 75x60 cm.  SEK 1600  

Bert J. Nilsson
No: 4, size litogr. 100x75 cm.  SEK 2500  

Oscar Reuterswärd
No: 5, size lithogr. 75x98 cm.  SEK 1500  


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